Gratiot County Courthouse

Our firm has provided preservation and construction management services for this Nationally Registered Historic Courthouse since 1992. Based on the work tasks outlined in our recent Condition Assessment Report and the findings discovered through infrared scanning of the building, we prepared construction documents and managed the repair of the windows, roofs, entry porch, exterior sandstone wall, and decorative columns.

We also utilized SHPO-approved storm windows to reduced exterior noise, eliminate drafts and increase R values. These upgrades also provided substantial energy costs savings for the County, eliminated interior air quality issues and provided increased comfort for staff and visitors.

Paint Creek Cider Mill

Oakland Township hired our firm to design and manage the restoration, renovation and adaptive reuse of this existing vacant two story 15,855 SF community icon. We zoned the building into public and administrative uses to accommodate a variety of offices and public facilities, including retaining a vendor operated cider mill outlet and restaurant.

Located on the second floor are the administrative offices for the Parks and Recreation Department, Oakland Township Historic Districts Commission, Paint Creek Trailways Commission, and Oakland Land Conservancy. The public areas on the first floor include community meeting rooms, a library, a display and exhibit area and support areas for both staff and residents. One of the design goals was to incorporate as much of the original fabric and character of the cider mill into the final design. The project was completed in 2008 and the final cost was 30 % below the budget.

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