Our clients are in the institutional, educational, governmental and private sector fields. Assignments include programming and design, renovations and additions, restoration, repair and adaptive reuse of historic resources; as well as planning for public and private sector clients.



We have an extensive portfolio of architectural assignments completed since 1979, including new buildings, additions, renovations and historic preservation projects for both public
and private clients.


Our planning experience includes a range of project types and clients, including long range; site specific; regional; and planning surveys for national and state historic districts and sites.

Historic Preservation

Our firm specializes in historic preservation as a market niche, and
we recognizes that restorations, additions, renovations and adaptive
reuse of historic resources are the
most challenging of all design assignments.


Our interiors are functional, appropriate and exciting places in which to work, play, learn, heal, worship and live. Interiors need to be flexible so they can meet your requirements today and in the future.


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